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Caravan and Trailer Repairs

At Frenchs Forest Motors we provide a comprehensive service when it comes to maintaining, servicing and repairing your caraven or trailer. We have extensive experience with servicing the brakes and running gear on all makes and models of trailer and replacement parts are either taken from stock or for the more unusual parts, ordered in by express delivery.

Don't Wait till its too late!

Just like your car, every Caravan, Trailer or Horse float needs regular servicing and maintenance. It is quite a distressing sight to see a caravan or trailer by the side of a road with a wheel missing or some other state of disrepair. Serious accidents are often a tragic consequence of a trailer breakdown.

Regular maintenance is important.

Manufacturers recommend that you service your wheel bearings and brakes at least every 10,000km or 12 months. Besides routine maintenance we also specialise in other items such as

  • Couplings & bushes
  • Lights & wiring
  • Chassis mounts
  • Cables & latches
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Brakes & hubs

Our Trailer and Caravan Service Schedule includes the following checks

  • Check coupling head
  • Check breakaway cable
  • Lubricate overrun piston
  • Check handbrake operation
  • Check and lubricate jockey wheel
  • Brake rods, cables and supports
  • Check tyres and tyre pressures including the spare wheel
  • Remove brake hubs, check bearings and brake shoes, clean, reassemble and adjust
  • Torque wheel nuts / bolts
  • Check operation and lubricate steadies if fitted
  • Check condition and security of chassis and attachment to body
  • Check suspension assemblies
  • Check operation of all ramps (& groom's door if relevant)
  • Check condition of trailer floor
  • Check security of all catches & handles
  • Check road lights
  • Check all 12v plugs & cables
  • Check exterior body panels
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