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Front & Rear Brakes

There are a number of factors that contribute to your car’s stopping power. Your brakes, tyres and suspension must be in good working order to maintain control under emergency braking situations. Frenchs Forest Automotive can service, maintain and repair brakes on all car makes and models.

Why is servicing my brakes important?

You rely on your brakes and steering to avoid obstacles and possible accidents on the road. You stand the best chance of avoiding motor vehicle collisions if each of the components in your braking system is in 100% working order. A professional service centre like Frenchs Forest  Automotive will inspect each of these components during a major service.

Modern vehicles are fitted with either disc and pad braking solutions, or a combination of disc and pad (front) and drum and shoe (rear). When you tramp on your brake pedal in an emergency you are actually triggering a series of actions. The force passes through your hydraulic system to the brake calipers, which trigger the mechanical braking. The mechanical braking action occurs when the brake shoes clamp against the disc, or the brake shoes press against the drum.

Your mechanic should check the hydraulics and braking action to make sure the brakes are in perfect working order. A close inspection of the disc or drum should be completed to check whether these parts are within serviceable limits. This inspection will also reveal irregularities on the surfaces that might cause unusual brake wear or hinder brake performance. Brake shoes and brake pads should also be inspected for wear and tear, and be replaced before they reach their operational limits.

Our Services

Frenchs Forest Automotive performs a brake service on all major services. We offer brake pad and disc replacements or brake shoe and drum replacements as appropriate. We also offer skimming services to extend the life of brake discs and brake drums provided they remain within serviceable limits. We also offer a comprehensive range of advanced braking solutions for motoring enthusiasts and owners of high performance vehicles.

A typical brake service includes

A major brake service checks all the components of the braking system. The process includes bleeding the brakes (to remove any possible air bubbles from the hydraulic braking system), checking and inspecting the caliper sliding pins, lubricating the moving parts, checking all the rubbers and providing a report on (and quotation to repair) any faults.

From a driver’s perspective we also check the brake pedal for appropriate levels of play, and re-set the handbrake.

Disc & Drum Machining

If you experience steering wheel shakes it is obviously the front rotors that are at issue. If the brake vibration can be felt through the brake pedal or the seat/bodywork of the vehicle then it is a rear brake rotor issue.

At Frenchs Forest Automotive we offer an onsite disc machining service to makes and models. Our technicians will check your disc and drums and we will inform you if machining is required.

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