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Front & Rear Suspension

If you have noticed uneven tyre wear, off centre steering wheel, swaying or drifting when steering your vehicle, it may be that there is a problem with the steering and suspension system. At Frenchs Forest Motors, we have certified technicians who will perform a professional inspection of the system, providing you with a complete analysis of the current conditions and repair cost estimate.

Whether it’s worn steering, suspension or driveline components, we perform a complete steering and suspension inspection with every alignment check. Key parts we repair or replace may include; Wish Bones, stabilising arms, tie rod ends, CV joints / boots, shock absorbers, struts and coil springs and more.

Information you Might Want to Know

  • Your suspension helps to keep your tyres firmly in contact with the road
  • Suspension assist steering, braking and road handling.
  • Shock Absorbers smooth out the minor imperfection in the road surface.
  • Call in today for your free suspension check to identify any problems.

Your vehicle's suspension system is effectively a complex series of components designed to work together to limit the vibrations and undulations from the road surface, providing a smooth, controlled and comfortable driving experience.

Brakes and tyres need to be in full contact with the road to work most effectively. In fact, at 60km, worn shock absorbers can add up to 2 meters to your braking distance!

Shock Absorbers

The principle suspension components include a coil spring and shock absorber or dampener as it is sometimes referred to. These components work together to dampen down and cushion the vehicle by absorbing the impact from potholes and other minor imperfections in the road.

This keeps your vehicle stable and your tyres firmly in contact with the road surface for the maximum amount of time. Maintaining a healthy vehicle suspension system is vital if you are to gain the optimum comfort, stability and handling characteristics from your vehicle.

It is not always obvious that a problem in your vehicle suspension system is present. This is generally due to a gradual loss of performance in the principle suspension parts and because this happens over time and a motorist may not always feel the gradual decrease in suspension performance.

At Frenchs Forest Motors we only use top quality shock absorbers. One of our suspension specialist will inspect your vehicles suspension system and show you any problems we find, along with a clear quotation for any work, where required.

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