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Guardian Interlock

Alcolock WR3 Interlock Device

Alcolock WR3 is an alcohol interlock device that is specifically designed for DUI offender ignition interlock programs. It combines evidential breath alcohol measurement technology with innovative ant circumvention features to provide the leading choice in alcohol interlock devices.

The Alcolock WR3 is an innovative breath alcohol testing instrument which is installed in a vehicle in a way that links its operation to the ignition, starter, electrical and other on-board systems. The purpose of the Alcolock WR3 is to measure the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the intended driver and to prevent the vehicle from being started or operated if the BAC is over a preset limit.

The WR3 includes an advanced form of hum-tone detection as part of the means to prevent cheating. The intended driver must provide a moderate and continuous breath sample for a period of 5 seconds while simultaneously engaging a humming sound in order to satisfy the breath test requirement. Additionally, the breath flow rate is monitored to ensure a proper sample is being delivered before the breath alcohol measurement is taken.

Running Retest
The Alcolock WR3 includes a provision for engaging a retest requirement on a random time basis to ensure that the driver has not been drinking since the vehicle was first started. A tone will sound and “retest” will be displayed to instruct the driver that a retest is required. If the test is not conducted, a sanction may be engaged.

Program Features
The Alcolock WR3 is uniquely designed for DUI offender ignition interlock programs and can be tailored to meet specific program requirements of any jurisdiction. The interlock device records breath test results and other data relevant to compliance with program conditions, which is made available for review by administering authorities via secure on-line web application. Guardian

Alcolock V3 Ignition Interlock

The Alcolock V3 is an interlock specifically designed for private or commercial users. It is already widely used overseas in a variety of applications from standard vehicles to commercial vehicles such as graders, transport trucks, buses, trains and taxis.

Reliable Accuracy
The V3 is an affordable and effective ignition interlock. It is installed directly to the vehicle’s ignition and electrical systems to accurately measure the breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of the intended driver. It prevents the vehicle from being started if the BAC is over a pre-set level, usually set below the maximum legal BAC limit to drive. The V3 uses an electrochemical (fuel cell) sensor which ensures longevity and accuracy and is reliable in extreme conditions from -45°C to 85°C!

Easy to Live With
Much of the V3’s popularity comes from the design flexibility that allows ‘custom’ settings to be pre -set before delivery for commercial application or simple settings for private use. Of course these features can be changed once further experience has been gained with operation of the V3.

Easy Operation
With two buttons and an easy to read display screen, much like a mobile phone, the V3 is easy to operate. Simply blow into the mouth piece and start car upon passing a BAC test! Settings can also be customised during regular servicing and calibration to suit the individual for easy operation.

The ALCOLOCK V3 requires recalibration approximately every 6 months. It will even tell you when it is due for service 7 days before the service date! You also have 5 days grace period after this date to arrange calibration. In your initial set up, you can customise whether the V3 prevents all use of the vehicle and locks out after this period, or a ‘transparent’ feature which allows the vehicle to work as normal with out the Interlock. Calibration costs around $50 including GST plus postage and handling. When the V3 is due for calibration you would simply contact us to make arrangements.

The Bottom Line
The ALCOLOCK V3 is a reliable interlock for preventing drink driving. It is the ideal addition to your private orcommercial vehicle fleet in terms of compliance and risk management.
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