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Transmission Service Centre

You car's transmission is the vehicle's most complicated and least understood major component. In later model cars, it is a combination of sophisticated hydraulics and computer-controlled components.

If you notice problems with your Automatic transmission, don’t automatically assume that the problem is actually the transmission. Computers receive information from numerous sensors, process the information, and then signal/operate the transmission. Often, the problem is in one of the sensors, an electrical connection, or system ground.

Front wheel drive vehicles are efficient in terms of fuel economy, handling and manufacturing costs; however, with the additional components housed within the transaxle unit, when it fails, it is generally more expensive to repair

The life expectancy of a vehicle transmission can also be affected by many factors: poor driving habits; distance travelled each year; hauling and towing heavy loads; overheating; and leaking fluid. One of the best ways to prolong the life of your transmission is through regular maintenance at Central Automatic Transmission Centre

At Frenchs Forest Motors  we service and repair all Domestic and Foreign Automatics.

We specialise in rear and front Wheel Drives, Standards, Clutches, Drive Trains, 4x4’s, R.V.’s and Computer Controlled Transmissions. We offer a one day service turn around on most jobs and get you back on the road as fast as possible. If you are not able to come and see us during the week keep in mind that we are open Saturday for your convenience.

Our goal is to ensure that all work is completed right the first time, at the lowest costs possible. So if you require a transmission service or a quote for a new Automatic transmission, give us a call and you will not be disappointed.
Log Book Servicing
We can service your new vehicle - We can also carry out manufacturer's hand book services and validate your service book. Your new car warranty will be validated and protected.
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Wheel Alignments
The purpose of a wheel alignment adjustments is maximum tyre life and a vehicle that tracks straight and true when driving along a straight and level road.
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Guardian Interlock
The alcohol ignition interlock program protects drink driving offenders and other road users from the dangers of drink driving..
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